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Our workload has been increasing noticeably during the past two years. For this reason, my associates and I decided to open a new office downtown. Part of our long time staff will be moving to the new facility. However, we will obviously be needing more help. Therefore, we will be evaluating applicants. If you are an enthusiastic lawyer, if you love your career and are willing to grow while making people´s lives easier, send us your cover letter and resume. Explain to us why we should hire you. Note: applicants must submit their CVs before 12/12/2015.

Providing comprehensive legal services since 1985. Specialized in family law, commercial law and corporate law. My solid formation and vast experience that give me the opportunity of offering my valued customers a wide range of legal services. I work side by side with a group of collaborators that assist me in providing legal representation in the different areas of law practice.


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Counterpoint Legal
Counterpoint Legal

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