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Beyond the snapshot of our practice listed on this page Counterpoint Legal is happy to consult on any other legal matters and will do our level best to help you or put you in contact with someone who can! Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation.  


Unbundled Legal Services 

"Limited Scope Representation" means that Counterpoint Legal can help you with certain specific aspects of your court case rather than handling the case from start to finish. This is often times very cost effective for the client. 


Criminal Law 

Representation through all phases of criminal matters, including infractions, traffic violations, DUI, misdemeanors, felonys, expungents, and juvenile offenses. 


Additional Services for Individuals 

Consumer Protection                   Law 

Representation in cases of unfair debt collection, violations of the TCPA and FDCPA, contract disputes, predatory lending, claims. etc.


Family Law

Representation throughout all phases of Divorces, child custody, child support issues, adoptions, domestic violence, etc. 





     Dependency Law 

Represention throughout all phases of a dependency case, including detention, paternity, disposition, reviews, all trials and motions. Representation for relatives and De Facto parents interested in visitation, placement, and preservation of familial rights. 

Schedule a Free Consultation! 

Contact Counterpoint Legal and obtain a free consultation if you need legal counseling in any family issues. Let us guide you on your divorce or child custody litigation for a prompt resolution. Seek assistance with your dependency case or assert your rights as a relative or de facto parent. Discover how to proceed if you feel your consumers rights have been violated or get counseling and representation in any cases of financial exploitations, abusive loan practices, etc. Seek our assistance for any other legal issue not listed and we will gladly let you know if we can help!